Should Your Packaging Company Be ISO 9001 Certified?

Absolutely, because it means the company is putting quality and customer service first. “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”  – Michael LeBoeuf, a business author and former management professor And, at Rohrer, customers are at the heart of what we do as packaging partners. We utilize ISO 9001 practices to achieve […]

Let’s “Talk Turkey” with Turbo Trusser  

Do you truss your turkey or chicken before cooking? With Thanksgiving fast-approaching, here’s a quick cooking tip: most chefs recommend trussing your bird before putting it in the oven. Trussing closes the turkey cavity and prevents the breast from drying out before the thighs and legs are properly cooked. That way, you end up with […]

Designing the Perfect Package

You have eight seconds. That’s right. According to a recent Microsoft study, the average consumer’s attention span is eight seconds.  Wow! That’s not much time to tell your product story, include your branding message, and encourage shoppers to put your product in the cart.  Package Design Considerations At Rohrer, we’ve been helping brands create the […]

Questions to Ask Your Packaging Partner

What Makes a Good Match?   If you’re new to the packaging industry, the whole process may seem rather intimidating. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had Tinder® or another dating app to find a great packaging partner? Ask a few questions and find one that provides the right services to get your new product in […]

Why the Pinch on Packaging?

From groceries to gas, it seems like the pandemic has put the squeeze on the almighty dollar. According to PBS News Hour, “In the U.S., inflation rose to 5.3%, as measured by the Labor Department’s consumer-price index in the 12 months through August 2021, after averaging about 1.7% for the past decade.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t […]

HiccAway’s Swim in the “Shark Tank” is Actually a Day at the Beach

Longest Case of Hiccups . . . Who Knew?  Did you know that the longest case of hiccups lasted 68 years? 68 YEARS . . . are you kidding? According to Wikipedia and Guinness World Records, an American by the name of Charles Osborne had the longest attack of hiccups, from 1922 to 1990, with an estimated […]

Switching Roles: When Rohrer Became its Own Best Customer

Patti McElligott, Senior Emerging Business Account Manager was handed a major project recently – develop and produce new packaging for a promotional product. That’s big. And a lot was riding on this new design; it was to be the showstopper for sales and marketing efforts. Oh…and one last detail, Patti works for Rohrer. It had […]

Finding the Right Vendor Partner

Over my years in packaging, I have learned a lot from my customers. Finding the right vendor relationship is critically important. For many companies, their key vendors may be just as important as the people they work with on their internal teams. The idea of assessing the supply chain and choosing a new vendor can […]

Designers Share Best Practices for Thermoformed Packaging

Rohrer’s packaging solutions span print, thermoformed and fabricated plastic packaging. We are a one-stop-shop and true partner with our customers. This post will help new thermoformed plastic partners avoid common pitfalls through the design process. The tips are relevant for new customers and current partners working on new projects. Follow this link to check out […]

Spot-on Color for Less with Process +™

A successful business partnership doesn’t happen overnight. And when that partnership has evolved over 25 years, the opportunities to stay one step ahead of our customers’ needs grow as well. Meet MTD Products Inc., a global leader of high-quality outdoor power equipment and aftermarket accessories. Cruise through any home improvement outlet and you can see […]